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- Decline" luxury major suit
- 2013 from the initial design

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"Decline" luxury major suit, lost its original luxury, noble image, also lost to the consumer "glory" and "meet" the ability The following two with old rock-solid leather bag with contrast look Last year, Louis Vuitton inventory wwww.womanheart.webs.com sales slow, that it closed a number of stores in france"Christian Louboutin has always loved making its brand shoes produced louis vuitton handbags by rivet design elements, and the recent brand will be the design applied to the bag productionFrench footwear guru Christian Louboutin as "Pensee" for the red sole source of inspiration, this classic design naturally become the brand 20 Anniversary Limited series of 20 representative But note that don't use any rub off things rub!! In the skin will touch! if the bag is in or bothers straps, want to shorten the time of In fact, for the 2005 winter series, external review is get both praise and blame, say is favored by its novel design and lively and varied styles, spit is that no creativity, disorderly take a pass During the first World War, Louis Vuitton in order to meet the demand for production at that time, military trunk can be folding stretcher The 1 Typical Monogram pattern from a distance look, every brushstroke look far seems to be the real yellow green, but carefully examines, will find the above printing is the small dots slash the composition, from the past, will find label printing color actual is composed by parallel line " In 1885, Louis Vuitton's first store opened in london"Huo Li also revealed that, in the fight against fake action, Louis Weedon got the support of the Chinese government In 1837, at the age of louis vuitton handbags on sale 16 LouisVuitton far away from home, to Paris as a noble pack Possible photos of the light relationship, physical didn't also so heaudio-videoy feeling, still have certain brightness, but not like font that very rogue bright The brown leather as the main material to create a package with gorgeous show, on both sides of the blade design and color image, fashion sense Finally, a secret, a lot of people may not know, is in the back of the bag outside India "Louls Vultton Parls made in France" leather Zi, really LV will be printed on the bag size Imitation must not the taste, and the new LV bag, there must be such a taste of the natural grassland pine smell Every LV bag will have But due to lack of brand management and other reasons, many luxury only luxury "name", but not "real" luxuryToday, Louis Vuitton was sixth generation descendant of Patrick Weedon, the existing 13600 bag making craftsmen, they were in 14 workshops, besides the 11 workshop in France, Spain and the United States of America in Fagafaga Tai Lohia of California also has production base

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2013 from the initial design, printed with "Louis Vuitton" logo this unique graphLouis Weedon pictures (20) case Monogram canvas bag, with rich legendary color and elegant design and become a fashion kamanvickie.webs.com classicLV bag will represent the production number and year of manufacture factory in some obscure location printed, usually louis vuitton purses by two English words and four numbers To become dinner Queen? The Louboutin dinner bag will become your weapon be benefited in every way Meal time, Murakami Takashi laugh flowers and signs eyes turned into various forms in Louis Weedon's goods The box surface using grey and beige cloth pasting wear There are people with no plans to buy friends to buy a package, as is a passport to buy two He is one of the most outstanding leather design master of French history, opened the first suitcase shop in their own name in Paris in 1854 Oily items and cosmetics are this kind of bag killer This year, just in time for the 150 anniversary of famous brand, in the Paris Avenue des champs-elyses stores, exhibited a louis vuitton bags more than 3000 samples and its founder Louis Vuitton photos, make people aware of this from a small carpenter to the entrepreneurial process of big bossA small village was born in February 12, 1821 in France, Louis Vuitton, father is near the forest loggers, poor family The color of the flower is yellow Authenticity is yellow At the same time, China also hopes to get the high quality service louis vuitton purses on sale for customers in the store" Design of women has always been the strengths of MarcJacobs, and he makes the topic of magic, was once again confirmed, "fashion from the girl But the brand must tell the curious Chinese customers real brand, deep historical background, culture, design, technology and creative, told consumer true luxury brand meaning, is different from other brands have only short-term goals Your hair, your fashion taste, your makeup, even your every twinkle and smile, are likely to be proficient in fashion them (at least, they look at fashion magazines, while men mostly fashion natural enemies) picky and criticism Louis Vuitton is now close to its limit The central snake skin bow, is the last key, all the elements, the results were so coordinationSince the Christian Louboutin which kills the red shoes began to attract the attention of men, is doomed to design highly exaggerated to capture the men, so that those who have complained about the woman only need bags and shoes men began to Crazy Chase red shoes pairs

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